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Invigorating Leg Serum


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Our unique leg serum helps to provideinvigorating deep muscle relief. Formulated using natural capsicum extract, which ishighly regarded by herbalists as the most stimulating herb and derived from the fruit ofthe cayenne pepper plant. Eucalyptus extract and menthol are added to refresh and cooltired legs muscles.

Directions: Lightly massage a smallamount directly to leg and muscle pain. Can be used as often as needed. Apply only tolimited areas of the body. Avoid eye area. Wash hands after application.



Capsicum Extract – Derived from the fruit of the cayenne pepper plant it contains a warming effect that stimulates blood flow. This in turn helps in reducing inflammation.

Menthol – Obtained from peppermint oil, this reviving fragrance has both awakening and cooling properties.

Eucalyptus Extract – Known for its awakening and revitalizing fragrance.

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