Epistémé Restore Clarifying Cleanser


Cleansing lotion is designed to cleanse the skin of all impurities and neutralize the pH of your skin to optimize its healthy appearance. We have combines the best cleaning and foaming agents with plant derived moisturizers, including Aloe Vera and coconut oils to leave a smooth moisturizing feeling after it use.

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Our skin is our largest organ. It has a unique barrier and microbiome that performs many functions to keep our skin looking as healthy as it can be. Recently, we have learned more about the unique niches of our skin. We have also learned the benefits OF maintaining the right pH balance in your skin. The skin’s natural pH is between 5-6,6 being slightly acidic. Our pH neutralizing cleansing lotion is designed to maintain this skin’s natural pH in order to optimize the benefits of a healthy skin pH. There are several benefits for maintaining a healthy skin pH including, assisting in wound healing, limiting exposure to allergens and UV radiation, minimizes oxidative damage, an promoting a more youth appearance and moisturization after cleaning


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