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A nap a day keeps high blood pressure at bay

It seems that napping may do more than just reboot our energy level and improve our mood. New research being presented at the American College of Cardiology’s 68th Annual Scientific Session found that people who took advantage of a midday snooze were more likely to have a noticeable drop in blood pressure compared with those […]

Potential Vaccine for Peanut Allergies Does Well in Initial Clinical Trial

The immunotherapy involves injections of peanut proteins known as peptides. Researchers may be one step closer to developing a vaccine against peanut allergies after a phase I clinical trial showed promising results. The immunotherapy treatment, called PVX108, is designed to reset the immune system so those with a peanut allergy can be exposed to peanuts […]

Should You Eat Breakfast If You Want to Lose Weight? Here’s What to Know

There’s a new study looking at eating breakfast and weight loss. In the past, some studies suggested that eating breakfast might help promote weight loss, while skipping a morning meal might lead to weight gain. But according to a new review of research published January in the BMJ, there’s no strong evidence to support the idea that […]

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